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Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. The Client has the right to deposit their Gaming account only using the payment systems available in «Deposit Methods» ( http://totup.com/deposit/methods ).

2. The actual payment of services is deemed to be the moment when all appropriate funds are credited to the Company's account.

3. The Company holds no responsibility for the result of gaming operations on the Client's account, in case there are any delays in depositing this account. The Client is solely responsible for any financial loss risks coming from possible delays in depositing funds to the Client's account.

4. The Company has the right to cancel the Client's deposit or withdrawal if the Client's gaming account is going to being deposited by a third party or Client is going to withdraw on the name of third party. In this case the deposited funds will be transferred back to the same bank details they came from. If this occurs, the Client is charged with all costs for funds transfer.

5. In the event the Client's account is credited in any currency other than the one in which the gaming account is maintained, such funds are to be credited to the gaming account on the basis of an internal exchange rate adopted by the Company from the Bank serving the Company at the date of deposit.

6. When processing a withdrawal request, the Company shall use its internal currency rates adopted by the Company from the Bank serving the Company at the date of withdrawal.

7. If the gaming account cannot be credited automatically, the appropriate application will be fulfilled within 24 hours since the client's notice on crediting the gaming account is received.

8. In case the Client deposits their gaming account by means of direct transfer to the Company's bank details, they are obliged to send a notification to e-mail: cga@totup.com.

9. The Client can remove its funds into any payment systems designated in its Personal area under the caption «Withdrawals» ( http://totup.com/withdrawal/userMethods ).

10. When withdrawing funds from the gaming account, the Client is charged with all costs for funds transfer.

11. The funds can be withdrawn only into such payment system that was used for crediting the gaming account and regarding to the sufficient gaming volume. The quantum of a sufficient gaming volume is established by the Company at its own discretion.

12. The Client bears full responsibility for the adequacy of all the information set out in its application for the removal of funds.

13. The Company has the right to refuse the Client's request for withdrawal, if the Client uses the same payment system for withdrawal and depositing, but with different bank details.

14. The removal of funds from the Client's account is accomplished within 3 business days from the time a relevant application for the removal of such funds has been confirmed in the Personal Area.

15. The funds credited through Credit Card can be removed only upon completion of a legality check by the operator, not any earlier than within 3 days after the crediting of such funds.

16. Funds deposited by means of Credit Cards (Bank Cards), as well as profit earned during trading, can be withdrawn only after they are checked for legality and no sooner than 3 days after the last deposit.

17. In case the payment system stops operating for some time, the Company has the right to postpone the date of withdrawal until the payment system resumes working.

18. The Company has the right to charge the Client with an additional commission if the Client uses different payment systems to deposit and withdraw funds. The amount of the commission charged to the Client is calculated based on costs paid by the Company when fulfilling the Client's withdrawal request.

19. The Company undertakes to take any and all expedient actions to preclude any illegal financial operations and money laundering with the employment of the Company's resources.

Briefly about main

Totup is a new betting system where players place bets into a prize pool that is fully distributed among the players.

The rules of the pool distribution are such that 50% of the bets win.

Bets (forecasts) are estimated for accuracy in the range from 0 to 100 points.

Winnings are proportional to points for the accuracy of the forecast and the value of the stake.

Bets are made by means a coupon. For each coupon, 3 pools are formed: bronze, silver and gold, depending on the size of the bet.

There is an opportunity after a simplified registration to make free bets using the virtual currency "tots".