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Totup System Limited

Licence No. MGA/B2C/791/2020

Registration number: C 78810 Date 22.12.2016

Registered office: Cornerstone Business Center, Level 2

Suite 1, 16-th September Square, Mosta, MST 1180, Malta

tel.: +35627780027

email: support@totup.com

Briefly about main

Totup is a new betting system where players place bets into a prize pool that is fully distributed among the players.

The rules of the pool distribution are such that 50% of the bets win.

Bets (forecasts) are estimated for accuracy in the range from 0 to 100 points.

Winnings are proportional to points for the accuracy of the forecast and the value of the stake.

Bets are made by means a coupon. For each coupon, 3 pools are formed: bronze, silver and gold, depending on the size of the bet.

There is an opportunity after a simplified registration to make free bets using the virtual currency "tots".