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Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Fraud

  1. In its activities, Totup System Limited is guided by the Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Policy, in accordance with the recommendations of the FATF, the legislation of the Republic of Malta, the EC directives, the experience of IT companies and its own developments.
  2. The policy of Anti-money Laundering and Fraud of Totup System Limited, requires users of the gaming website www.totup.com mandatory compliance with the following conditions:
    • It is prohibited to enter when registering a user account on the website www.totup.com false or another’s personal data. In case of an unintended error when filling out the registration form, as well as when changing personal data, immediately notify the support service by e-mail support@totup.com".
    • It is prohibited to use for deposits to the gaming account, as well as for withdrawal of funds from the gaming account, not belonging to you Bank cards, electronic wallets and Internet payment system accounts.
    • It is prohibited to collude with other players in order to intentionally lose the bet to another collusion participant.
  3. Totup System Limited scrupulously monitored operations of deposit / withdrawing players 'money into / from the gaming system, as well as the players' bets on the website www.totup.com,in order to identify transactions that have signs of money laundering or fraud. All suspicious transactions of players will be investigated in order to identify the facts of money laundering or fraud. For the period of the investigation, the funds in the accounts of suspect’s players can be frozen if the company Totup System Limited deems it necessary.
  4. In order to verify suspicious transactions and prevent money laundering or fraud, Total system Limited has the right to verify the identity of players, as well as their Bank cards and other online payment tools. For verification, the Company can request additional information or client documents temporarily freeze small amounts on bank cards, conduct interviews on voice or video communications.
  5. In case of detection of money laundering or fraud, the accounts of the involved players will be blocked. Information about the crime will be transferred to the competent authorities. The funds on the blocked accounts will be used in accordance with the decisions of the authorized bodies.
Briefly about main

Totup is a new betting system where players place bets into a prize pool that is fully distributed among the players.

The rules of the pool distribution are such that 50% of the bets win.

Bets (forecasts) are estimated for accuracy in the range from 0 to 100 points.

Winnings are proportional to points for the accuracy of the forecast and the value of the stake.

Bets are made by means a coupon. For each coupon, 3 pools are formed: bronze, silver and gold, depending on the size of the bet.

There is an opportunity after a simplified registration to make free bets using the virtual currency "tots".