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Tote of the new generation

Totup is a new generation of the tote that is operated by the Maltese company Totup System Limited and provides betting under the license of the MGA/B2C/791/2020.

Totup is unique in the world of betting, because here each pool (the prize Fund) to be distributed completely among the players, with the probability of winning tending to 50%.

Totup is unique in the world of betting, because here every day dispose of by tote tens and even hundreds of coupons for betting on the outcome of various events in many sports.

Totup is the only sports betting system in the world, in which inaccurate forecasts win.

All these advantages are achieved due to the fact that Totup uses the essence, that:


This means that all the forecasts get a quantitative estimate for the accuracy in the range from 0 to 100 points.

Briefly how things work around here

In Totup it is possible to bet both for real money and for the virtual club currency the "tot".

The user first needs to register in the game system, if You are not going to play for real money, you can register using Your account on the social network or by a simplified form.

Bets are made by using of coupons. More details about coupons are Here.

As a rule, 4 pools are formed for each coupon, one in the "tot" (free) and three pools in the real money (euro), which differ from each other in the bet size.

When the results of sports events become known, bets are calculated to get the points of the forecast accuracy. More details about the Forecast evaluation are Here.

50% of all bets with the highest estimates for the accuracy are winning, and the prize pool is distributed among them. More details about the Pool distributionare Here.

In the personal account, player can tracks all their bets, as well as set individual settings, including self-restraint, for too gamblers.

We invite You to join our community and enjoy of the competition in the accuracy of predictions with other players.

Briefly about main

Totup is a new betting system where players place bets into a prize pool that is fully distributed among the players.

The rules of the pool distribution are such that 50% of the bets win.

Bets (forecasts) are estimated for accuracy in the range from 0 to 100 points.

Winnings are proportional to points for the accuracy of the forecast and the value of the stake.

Bets are made by means a coupon. For each coupon, 3 pools are formed: bronze, silver and gold, depending on the size of the bet.

There is an opportunity after a simplified registration to make free bets using the virtual currency "tots".